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    DP862X pressure-reducing, quasi resonant LED constant current power switch

    Category:Company NewsPostdate:2018-11-03
    DP862X is an internal high-density integrated pressure-relief quasi-resonant LED constant current power switch.
    The DP862X integrates high-pressure power MOSFET and controllers on the same wafer. In addition, the chip also integrates a high-pressure start circuit and an inductive circuit that does not require an auxiliary winding to flow through a zero-inspection circuit. This function system is used to work in a quasi-resonant mode and to simplify the design of the system to the greatest extent.
    DP862X integrates complete protection functions to ensure the system's safe and reliable operation, such as VDD undervoltage protection functions, periodic current restrictions, overheating protection, and LED short circuit protection.
    1. Integrated high pressure 500V MOSFET
    2. Integrated high voltage regulator
    3. No auxiliary winding, no VDD capacitance design
    4. ± 4 % constant current accuracy
    5. Quasi-resonant mode works efficiently
    6. Ultra-low operating current
    7. Optimized adjustment rate for integrated line voltage compensation
    8. Integrated overheated power compensation
    9. Internal protection:
    9.1 LED Short Circuit Protection
    9.2 Chip Overheat Protection
    9.3 Cycle-by-cycle current limit
    9.4 Frontiers disappear
    9.5 VDD foot underpressure protection
    LED LightingPackage and foot definition:
    Application circuit: