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    DC-DC converter

    ItemFunctionOperating Voltage(V)ApplicationPackag Data Sheet
    DP3123XSynchronous buck voltage regulator4-30Car charger/adaptor, linear regulator, distributed power supply system, battery chargerSOP8
    DP3122X30V, 2-3.6A Monolithic Buck Converter with CC/CV Control10V-30VUSB car charger、Portable charging device、Quick charging A+C charger、General purpose DC-DC conversionSOP8
    DP320The guarantees robustness with hiccup output short-circuit protection, FB short-circuit protection, start-up current run-away protection, input under voltage lockout and hot-plug in, and thermal protection2.7V-6.0VSet Top Boxes Telecom/Networking Systems Storage Equipment GPU/DDR Power SupplySOT23-5
    DP312036V, 1.5A Monolithic Step-Down Switching Regulator4.5V-36VUSB car charger、Portable charging device、General purpose DC-DC conversionESOP-8
    DP311640V 5A Synchronous rectifier buck chip10V-40VThe LED driver、Car charger、Battery chargerSOP-8L
    DP3115E30,3.1A Monolithic Buck Converter with CC/CV Control10-30USB car charger、Portable charging device、General purpose USB charger、General purpose DC-DC conversionSOP-8
    DP3119DC to DC;Synchronous Buck; Output Currernt 2.1A;Fix frequency 100KHz;Soft-start;Current-Limited4.5-36Distribured Power System;Battery Charger;DSL Modems;Prior Adjustment of Linear regulatorESOP-8